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On to Iceland

Greenland's continental ice sheet is still intact, while Nunavut's has melted to small remnants. At Ilulissat, the ice has forced its way through a gap in the coastal mountains, producing the largest iceberg factory in the Northern Hemisphere.

Just off the ice-fjord's doorstep, some icebergs already have terraced  beaches, carved by seawater erosion.

This iceberg is wrinkled and streaked by meltwater rivulets.

I see an iceberg twice I see an iceberg twice.

Icebergs are a haven for marine life, attracting creatures great and small to eat them.

No, this is not a whale performing body contortions. It is instead two humpback whales.

An iceberg graces Skjoldungen Fjord, on the southeast coast.

A mountain flank near Nuuk, Greenland's capital, sports a misty belt. I don't know why misty belts often encircle Arctic mountains. When I consult Google, it returns drive belts for Arctic Cat snowmobiles. Any meteorologists out there who can help?

Speaking of cats, do you have unrealized ambitions for a safari? In the Greenland icefields, if you dose your gaze with a dram of imagination, you just might spot the elusive Arctic lion.

How would you like to live in the shadow of a sailback dinosaur, 1.2 km high? Then take up residence on Uummannaq Island.

Houses in Kangamiut cling to the hillside. In most Greenland settlements, level real estate is a rare commodity.

Here's a Greenland timeline. Scandinavians came in the 900s, stayed until the 1400s, and then came again in the 1700s. Greenlanders, cousins of Canadian Inuit, came in the 1200s and stayed for good. The second Scandinavian wave introduced Christianity, leading to (in my opinion) some of the most beautiful small churches in the world.

Bowhead jawbones frame an historic church in Sisimiut.

Another Sisimiut church, under another misty belt.

A church and its little sister in Nanortalik.

The sled dog tradition is alive and well in Greenland. Unemployed and cranky, adult dogs are chained in summer, while their friendly puppies roam free.

Hikers against the skyline of Kangaamiut Fjord.

A tilted mountain near Holms Island.

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